If you are interested to learn more about the ongoing projects inside the network we invite you to take a look at the workstreams pages.

There you can find a card for each project with detailed information on the

  • Scope, aims and outputs: what the project is about
  • General contact: who you can contact to learn more
  • Meeting times and rooms: the coordinates (time and place in cyberspace) for group meetings
  • Group chat and mailing list: access links to the project team’s communication channels
  • Shared workspaces, github projects and whiteboards: information on the shared resources (overleaf, Gdrive, github projects, shared online whiteboard) the project team uses in their work

Outputs from the network or its contributors related to AI auditing you can find here.

We are committed to equitable collaboration and look forward to your contribution. Project groups form in a self-organized way and are open to interested persons from research, companies, the general public or otherwise. The core of our cooperative work is carried out remotely though regular physical meetings between contributors across the world do take place (outside pandemics).